Blast 21: The Fight of Our Lives is almost here

The Canada that we have always known and loved may seem like it will last forever, but the fight for our civilization is already at our doorstep.  Actually, worse than that – we have good reason to believe the perpetrators of radical social change are already in our parliament.


Just this week Justin Trudeau has taken steps to eliminate the terms Mother and Father as well as Mr. Mrs. And Ms. from the lexicon of public employees.

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The debate over Gender Identity and Gender Expression may seem confusing and irrelevant to many – nothing to do with MY life - until you consider that it is now being taught in the 3rdgrade in Ontario.  Teaching children to respond kindly to the difference is one thing.  Teaching children that gender and sexuality are unrelated to biology, a claim on par with the Flat Earth Theory, is quite another.

Our civilization now faces a dire threat from Islamists abroad and Post-Modernists within, and the political class is not only not going to take on the fight for us – quite often they are the problem.

To get a clear understanding on these issues and more, please join us for this very important documentary by award-winning director Gloria Greenfield: The Fight of our Lives, where she chronicles the threats to our society and how to move forward in the 11th hour of the West.

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