“Without the determination of Theodore Herzl and the courage of Lord Balfour, it is likely that Israel would still be but a dream!”

After months of feverish effort by our dedicated team of volunteers, we are proud to announce a fantastic event to celebrate of the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

"The Reality of the Impossible Dream" is a melding of live on-stage action, accompanying documentary film, songs, dance, and an insight into little known history. All in one unique entertaining production! To find out more, go to

Surrounding a host of interesting facts is the wonderful music arranged and conducted by famed musician, David Warrack. There are songs you're sure to know and love. Characters long gone, will come to life on stage through some of Canada's most creative actor/singers. And we'll add in a few beautiful dance numbers for a complete sensory delight.


We will bring you back to the beginning and carry you through the many challenges, as beautiful, progressive Israel becomes a reality.

The dream was indeed possible!  Do join us as we follow that dream with an intoxicating evening of entertainment!

To purchase tickets go to: 

     or click on our beautiful flyer below!


Goldi Steiner and Irving Weisdorf

Canadians For Balfour 100

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