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Founders, L-R: Stephen Posen LL.B., Donald Carr O.ONT., Goldi Steiner, Leo Adler B.A., LL.B.,  Q.C., J.D., LH.D, Irving Weisdorf.
Missing from the photo: Dov Friedberg Ph.D., Jacques Gauthier Ph.D., Robert Grant, Shirley Anne Haber, Larry Zeifman CPA, CA

Goldi Steiner

Irving Weisdorf

Affiliated International Organizations

Americans for a Safe Israel - Mark Langfan, Chairman and Helen Freedman, Executive Director

Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) - Sarah Stern, Founder and President
European Coalition for Israel (ECI) - Tomas Sandell, Founding Director

International Legal Forum (ILF)

The Israel Forever Foundation - Dr. Elena Yael Heideman, Executive Director

Israel Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) - Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder and Director

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA)

The Lawfare Project (TLP)

Legal Grounds Campaign

Women in Green (WIG)

Affiliated National Organizations

B’nai Brith Canada - Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer

Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR) - Goldi Steiner, Founder and Co-Chair

Canadian Friends of Haifa University - Dr. Arnie Aberman, President

Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR)

Hasbara Fellowships Canada - Robert Walker, National Director

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) - Donna Holbrook, National Executive Director

Israel Truth Week (ITW)

The Mozuud Freedom Foundation - Irving Weisdorf, President


Leo Adler B.A., LL.B.
Donald Carr O.ONT., Q.C., J.D., LH.D
Dov Friedberg Ph.D.
Jacques Gauthier Ph.D.
Robert Grant
Shirley Anne Haber
Stephen Posen LL.B.
Lorne Saltman LL.B.

Goldi Steiner
Irving Weisdorf
Larry Zeifman CPA, CA


Alan Baker, Advocate, Ambassador (ret.) - Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Brooke Goldstein - Director, The Lawfare Project

Dan Illouz - CEO, Di Consulting

Yifa Segal, Esq. - Director, The International Legal Forum (ILF)


Ted Belman - Israpundit

Senator Linda Frum

Joe and Renanah Gemeiner

Prof. Lawrence Hart - McMaster University

Barbara Kay - Columnist

Dr. Mordechai Kedar - Lecturer at Bar Ilan University

Prof. Salim Mansur - Western University

I. Berl Nadler

Hank Rosenbaum - Former Chair, Canadian Society for Yad Vashem
Prof. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin

Ian Sarfin

Michael Sone

Yossi Winter - Former President, Toronto Zionist Council

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